My Favourite Wedding Hairstyles

Searching for the perfect wedding upstyle can be over-whelming!

In this post, I've compliled some hairstyles from my past Brides for your inspiration- all upstyles are by yours truly.

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Enjoy! xx

1. Any of these hairstyles of the Finesse Models at the debut One Fine Day Wedding Far earlier this year. These vary from cascading curls down one shoulder, to a braid that spans across the whole head, to a simple pulled back-polished ponytail. (h&mu by GV)

2. If your hair is below or on shoulder length, you may want to consider a faux bob, like Maria did. This soft feminine bob is classic  and romantic. (h&mu by GV)

3. Here's Emily showcasing her ultra-classic Old Hollywood structured down-do. A true Vintage beauty. (h&mu by GV)

4. How about a relaxed Boho feeling knotted upstyle. Simple, clean and beautifully textured. (h&mu by GV)

5. I love whimsical braided upstyles! (h&mu by GV)

Photo by Blush & Mint Photography

Photo by Blush & Mint Photography

6. Along with some deconstructed braids, you could try & convince your groom to grow his locks! (h&mu by GV)

7. ANY of these styles (Thanks for the selfie, Talitha! xx) (h&mu by GV)

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8. Another Old-Hollywood classic cascading down-do. (h&mu by GV)

9. Here's the back/side view of one of the hairdo's above. (h&mu by GV)

10. And, here's another back/side view from above. (h&mu by GV)

11. Here's my 'hero' do - the one that got the most attention from the recent One Fine Day Wedding Fair runway show - hair & makeup by Gemma Vendetta (h&mu by GV)

12. Rebecca with her vintage repro down-do. (h&mu by GV)