Braid Crown Tutorial - Inspired by Leah

Hello Lovelies,

I've had such an over-whelming response to my friend, Leah's braid crown from the weekend, that I've decided to show you how it's done. 

Leah shown here - after 12hrs of wearing the crown braid! Still intact, and looking amazing. Gah, I love this gal. 

Leah shown here - after 12hrs of wearing the crown braid! Still intact, and looking amazing. Gah, I love this gal. 

Whether you look through these pictures and decide to DIY, or if you're here for inspiration, I hope it finds you well, and ready to learn. :)

You will need:

  • 1 x metal end tail comb (*note: if you're DIY you may have difficulty using the comb, and you may prefer to use your fingers for sectioning)
  • Bobby pins to suit your hair colour
  • 1 x small hair tie (these are about the size of a 5c piece)
  • Styling products - here I've used EVO Salty Dog sprayed lightly through the hair for texture and grip, then I've finished with EVO Helmut and a light 'dusting' of Davines Shimmering Mist (as texture is harder to see on darker hair!)

Below you will see a series of images - following these instructions, you should have a semblance of a crown braid! Good luck. :) (**TIP: keep the tension until you've completed the braid!!)

  1. You will need - these tools
  2. You will need - these products
  3. Find the centre of the top of the head this is the centre point that ALL triangular sections radiate around the head from. (Think pieces of a cake, or pieces of pie in the trivial pursuit game!)
  4. Take your first section, I started on the left side of the head and created a section that sat on either side of the ear, and split this into 3 from beneath.
  5. 'Under' braid this once with each split section.
  6. Now you need to create your second triangular section and 'feed' this into your under braid. Why an under braid as opposed to the 'well-known' over-braid, or french plait? It makes the braid 'stick out' on top, like a poofy rope. (yes, I said poofy rope - open to other suggestions! haha)
  7. In the rhythm, 1, 2, 3 - you take the section into your existing braid on 1, plait 2, then 3, then take a section, and so on.
  8. By this point you'll be working your way along the front hairline, keeping your tension, and your sections consistent, keep the braid 'up' along the perimeter of the 'top' of the head, yes, like a crown.
  9. Working from the back of the head, and up towards my starting point, I simply continue the under-braid until I come to the ends of the hair. 
  10. *Important step* - go over your braid, and gently 'pull out' some of the loops to create uniformity. You'll have more hair on the opposite side, don't be afraid to pull the braid pieces outwards. The more you pull, the larger the 'rope' will become.
  11. Tie a band around the end and simply tuck the end in under the starting point of your braid - use a pincurl clip to secure this end piece whilst you pin it, if you wish.
  12. Use bobby pins in points around the crown to secure the shape, remember these are meant to be hidden, and they're only to finalise the shapes that you've created. They shouldn't pinch, or feel uncomforable.
  13. & 14. VOILA! Your crown braid.

Ideally, this would have been a video tutorial, but I'm not that savvy yet! (And I needed both hands for this upstyle! haha)

I hope you enjoy!

Say hello if you have any questions.

With love, 

Gemma Vendetta

Thank you for looking!