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Raising The Bar - Filming

Gemma Vendetta

Hello there!

Well, it may seem like things have been a little quiet this week in the world of Gemma Vendetta, when in fact, its been the opposite!


It's school holidays, and with thanks to my most awesome parents, I've been able to commit some time to doing hair and makeup for an upcoming release called 'Raising The Bar'.


Raising The Bar is a film about school, gymnastics, being a teenager, and fierce competition.

With thanks to my most awesome colleague and 'boss lady' Karen Gower, I've been assisting with hair and makeup on set.

We've been really lucky to be working with Kelli Berglund, all the way from the US of A on this film! She's been on a show called Lab Rats, for 4 years over there. She's been performing for practically her whole life, and hails all the way from Southern California. She's so open to our 'ways', she's tried Vegemite AND TimTams already, and next I believe is Fruchocs!

I taught her the phrase 'Calm your farm', which sounds hilarious in an American accent.

Keep an eye out on DVD for the release of Raising The Bar.

Kelli loves Vegemite now! Brave gal, I can't stand it. haha

Kelli loves Vegemite now! Brave gal, I can't stand it. haha

Thanks for reading!!

xx Gemma Vendetta