So when I first decided to raise funds (somehow) for MS, it was a suggestion from Mr Trent Blucher to do a project of some description to raise said funds.

Keep in mind that this was over 2 yrs ago now.

It's been with the help of a LOT of amazing people, that this project has gone from a candid suggestion in conversation, to fruition. I did reach a few hurdles along the way, but I can say that it's really been worth it.

To my surprise, today I received the loveliest message. From a customer, whose daughter is plighted with MS. Reading her message brought me to tears, for I never intended to have such a positive roll-on effect to so many, just out of the creation of Gemma's Vendetta - a pinup calendar fighting MS. So here's a very special shout out to another fellow MS WARRIOR; keep your chin up, reach for the stars, don't let this bastard of a disease define you. USE it to find your own definition of what this life means. Take the good days when they're good, and forget about the ones that deserve to be forgotten. You're not a robot. We're all organic, living, breathing, REAL human beings, we're fragile, and we all have an expiration date. You're NOT broken, you're just a unique version of you. And if you need anyone to talk to, I'd love to inspire you to live a new version of this life, even with MS.

A very special mention to Myleena, who's been a very diligent advocate for the project, spruking the awesomeness of it to her clients at the salon she works within, in Gawler, SA.

Its one thing to ask people to be involved in the first place, its another to come to the realisation that everyone who was involved, did so because they not only believed in the importance of the cause (to raise funds for MS research - by donating to Kiss Goodbye to MS), but because they believed in ME.

This project has really opened my eyes to the interesting concept of asking for help. At first, I was afraid to ask for help, for fear that people may be too busy, too time poor, too anything. When in actual fact, there's a lot of self-gratification for those giving their time/skill/passion to a cause they believe in. I thank each and every one of the amazing people involved in the creation of this project.

To those who aren't aware, I was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in 2007.

MS is a degenerative, auto-immune disease, that attacks the central nervous system. For many, it causes muscle weakness, and spasticity, it can effect vision, speech, body temperature regulation, mood, cognition and mobility. So basically, every function of the body that the central nervous system controls.

For me personally, I haven't had a relapse since I was diagnosed, so that's 8 years without a relapse, and without any new emerging symptoms. That being said, I still experience symptoms that developed from demyelination early in the disease progression, but overall, I am living well. That being said, you wouldn't run a marathon with a broken leg (would you?), and I wouldn't push myself beyond my body's capabilities. But whilst I'm capable, let's do ALL THE THINGS!

Speaking of the calendar, you can still purchase yours online:

We're into the first month of the calendar; but it's still valid for the following 11 months, until 2016!

I hope you're keeping warm!
Count down until spring.

xx Gemma Vendetta