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To provide high quality, high definition, safe, gender-neutral, 100% vegan + cruelty free mineral cosmetics to those who care about themselves, our animals, and the planet.

Sans Nasty Chemicals:

Sans Nano-Particles

Sans Cheap Fillers (i.e talc, or Bismuth Oxycloride)

Sans Synthetic Fragrances

Sans Parabens or petrochemicals

Sans SLS or SLES

Sans Mineral Oil

Sans Palm Oil

Gluten Free

Look for the *Certified Organic Ingredients on the labels

NEVER tested on animals - only Gemma's.

Certified Vegan + Cruelty Free by Choose Cruelty Free.

Natural + Organic Ingredients:

100% CERTIFIED Cruelty Free + Vegan by Choose Cruelty Free

Absolutely no animal testing, no animal derived, or animal by-products.

100% Australian Made + Owned

Made without nano-particles, harmful fillers and binders, Gemma Vendetta's cosmetics are also free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. 

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The Founder:

Gemma's Vendetta (#IChooseSA Brand Ambassador) - Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics was created in 2016 following a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, and a desire to disrupt the the 'usual' and widely accepted manufacturing ethos' of the 'big brands'.

Gemma Vendetta is made and owned in Australia, and is 100% certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

A growing consciousness of nasty chemicals in hair and beauty products led Gemma Vendetta to develop her own range of  mineral cosmetics that work harmoniously with your body, and nature. Made without nano-particles, harmful fillers and binders, Gemma Vendetta's cosmetics are also free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. 

Every day we are exposed to a myriad of chemicals, that we absorb and which accumulate in the immune system. These nasty chemicals can disrupt hormones, effect the holistic functions of the central nervous system, and simply, exacerbate skin conditions like eczema, and acne. And let's not forget that un-necessary fillers/ingredients like Talc are potentially carcinogenic!  

GV believes that a pure and natural approach to makeup doesn't mean compromising on quality, and her own health (10 years without a relapse, and 2 years without any disease progression!) and her products are the proof. 

So do yourself a favour, and reap the healthy rewards. Be the change.


If you would like to become a stockist in Australia, and New Zealand please contact: +61414 744 793

Or email Gemma direct:

Sweat proof.

Won’t clog pores.

Buildable, yet light and full coverage. (It looks like SKIN!)

Safe for use whilst breast-feeding.

Perfect for all skin types, and will cover rosacea and acne, without irritation.

Safe for use post-laser treatment.



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